Traditional Store

Typically, new build or traditional restaurants range from 1,200-1,600 sq ft. We can build down to 1,000 sq ft, and up to 1,800 sq ft.

Convenience Store

For Convenience stores, the average size of the store ranges from 800 sq ft to 900 sq ft with specific requirements for the front and back areas.

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Look Inside

Inside your future Quiznos location, Quiznos makes it easy for you to produce Chef-Inspired sandwiches for each of your customers.  Our flexible floor plan options within either our traditional or convenience store designs come backed with the brand recognition you desire and fit the needs of your on-the-go consumer.

Store Pictures


Quiznos franchise owners have a great opportunity to be part of their customer’s day and we understand how important that is. That is why all Quiznos franchise owners complete our corporate training program called Quiznos University. This training, a five-week course, helps equip you with the skills and knowledge to run your business. That includes learning our ”Only at Quiznos” recipes and participating in hands-on training in a live restaurant. Franchisee Business Consultants are always on the ground, regional, to help support your restaurant with operational and local marketing needs.

Transfer Reopen Incentive Program

Quiznos has great incentive program for qualified and current franchisees that have the ability to participate in our Reopen and Transfer Incentive Program.  Under this Incentive Program, qualified franchisees will receive certain marketing incentives from Quiznos during the first few years of operation.

In order to qualify you:

  • Must have experience in successfully owning and operating a Quiznos
  • Another franchise system
  • A chain restaurant under a locally, regionally or nationally known name or registered trademark or service mark
  • or have, extensive business experience

To participate in the Incentive Program, qualified franchisees must sign a Franchise Agreement to operate a Traditional Restaurant to be reopened or transferred to them.

Veteran Program

Quiznos will waive the initial franchisee fee for qualified Franchisees that have a certificate of discharge from military duty. If you qualify, and participate in the Incentive Program, you must sign a Franchise Agreement to operate a Quiznos Restaurant to be reopened or transferred to you. Under this Incentive Program you will receive a waived franchise fee in conjunction with the purchase of your store. This is the only incentive available for this program.

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