Do You Qualify?

Through the IFA VetFran program which assists honorably discharged veterans, Quiznos will waive the initial franchise fee for a traditional or non-traditional store, and the transfer fee for the purchase of an existing store.


Why do Veterans and Franchising Work Well Together?

Veterans have strong leadership skills and a great understanding of how to manage teams. Military experience includes leading people, working and improving processes, and completing the goal at hand.

Quiznos runs on systems. Implementing systems and following procedures with precision, emphasized in military training which leads to success in franchising.

Veteran Program

Quiznos will waive the initial franchisee fee for qualified Franchisees that have a certificate of discharge from military duty. If you qualify, and participate in the Incentive Program, you must sign a Franchise Agreement to operate a Quiznos Restaurant to be reopened or transferred to you. Under this Incentive Program you will receive a waived franchise fee in conjunction with the purchase of your store. This is the only incentive available for this program.


Hear Their Stories


"I was confident that Quiznos was the right team to move toward success with their great products, excellent leadership and systems in place." Geoff Walters, US Army Sergeant (Retired) & Quiznos Franchise Owner

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