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Follow these steps…..

Initial Application

  • Complete application
  • Proof of citizenship provided
  • Resume review
  • FDD signed & returned

Financial Review

  • Proof of cash
  • Credit check
  • Financial review

Interview Evaluation

  • Speak with a Franchise Development Manager
  • FranchiZe Profiler

Application Approval

  • Business plan review
  • Secure financing
  • Sign franchise agreement
  • Site review and approval

Training + Grand Opening

  • Quiznos University
  • Finalize space
  • Sign lease
  • Begin construction
  • Store grand opening

What does Quiznos look for in their franchise owners?

Quiznos is looking for high quality, motivated entrepreneurs who have been there and done that. Whether you started out with as small business owner or came from a restaurant background, we believe there could be a place for you here, and we’d love to talk with you.

Our subs are made with the perfect combination of ingredients, whose flavors are brought to life in our toasters. Likewise, we are looking for that perfect combination within our franchise owners.  That means men and women who have the perfect blend of experience, strong business background, and willingness go to the extra mile.

We’re looking for franchisees with multiple years of experience and great leadership skills, who know that it makes sense to invest in their team members for the long term.  We’re looking for franchisees who want to create the right environment within their restaurants and make the perfect meal for each customer that walks in the door.  We’re looking for people who are involved in their communities, and want to build a business that makes that community even better.  So whether you’re a small business owner or an experience business person looking to make an impact on your community, we’d love for you to become a part of the Quiznos team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Quiznos?

How long has Quiznos® been in business?

The first Quiznos restaurant opened in 1981 in Denver, CO. The little sub shop that began over 30 years ago in the kitchen of an old Italian restaurant has grown into one of the world’s premier quick-service restaurant chains. Founded by chefs who made their subs with homemade ingredients, Quiznos has always believed that food should taste great. As the pioneer of the toasted sandwich, Quiznos carefully crafts every sub using butcher-quality meats, all-natural cheeses, chef-designed signature sauces and toasted artisan bread to create flavorful combinations such as the Classic Italian and the Chicken Carbonara. Quiznos is designed for today’s busy consumers who are looking for a tasty, freshly prepared alternative to traditional fast-food restaurants.

How often does the average Quiznos consumer visit your restaurant?

This varies tremendously. Some guests come almost daily, others come only occasionally. In most cases, the frequency of visits depends on the amount of local marketing you do within your community and the customers’ experience in your restaurants. We encourage you to be active in your marketing efforts and in your operations!

What time of day does Quiznos do most of its business?

Quiznos does most of its business during lunch. However, many Quiznos restaurants have very successful dinner businesses. Some restaurants with high morning pedestrian traffic have chosen to offer breakfast as well.

What is the average size of a Quiznos Sub?

The typical size of a Traditional Quiznos is 1,200 to 1,600 square feet. We can build restaurants as small as about 1,000 square feet. We don’t recommend restaurants larger than 1,800 square feet as this increases your rent and other location expenses. Typically, a convenience store location will range from 800-900 square feet. Both types of restaurants come in variety of floor plans to fit your available space.

Do you have questions about being a franchisee?

Why is buying a Quiznos franchise a smart decision?

Here are four reasons. There are plenty more.

• We simply have the best products in the industry. If you’ve tried our sandwiches, you’d understand!
• Opening a franchise with Quiznos allows you to capitalize on an established business model which has brought more than a thousand restaurants worldwide into business.
• Quiznos has an established national and regional advertising fund.
• Our comprehensive training programs provide you with the specific tools and skills you can utilize to help you succeed, offering you necessary real-world experience!

What are the steps to start my Quiznos franchise?

• Carefully review the information on this website and download our e-Brochure to learn more about the Quiznos opportunity and decide if this is the right franchise business for you.
• Submit an online application to start your review and approval process.
• Schedule a one-on-one call with one of our franchise development managers, to have your questions answered so that you may make an informed decision.
• Complete your review of the Quiznos franchise opportunity and your due diligence process.
• Sign your franchise agreement with Quiznos and pay your Initial franchise or transfer fee.
• Schedule your training and begin the process of opening your Quiznos restaurant.

Can a person own more than one Quiznos restaurant?

Definitely! Some of our best operators have multiple restaurants. We do however want our franchise owners to be comfortable in the operation of their existing restaurant(s) before acquiring additional restaurants. As a result, there may be limitations on how many initial units you might be permitted to buy at once; discuss these requirements with your franchise development manager.

What are the best locations for a new Quiznos restaurant?

With over 2,000 restaurants worldwide, Quiznos restaurants are popular with a wide variety of customers all over the world. We have restaurants in the US as well as in places as diverse as Costa Rica, China, Mexico, and Russia. The key is to identify the market where your lunch business will come from. In many cases, the biggest sources of lunch traffic are nearby employers, such as office buildings, hospitals or large retailers. In other cases, your business might come from local residents who see your business on a busy road or in a shopping center they frequent.

How long will it take before my restaurant opens?

During this one year period, once your franchise agreement has been executed you’ll have one (1) year to open your restaurant. You’ll work with the landlord to turn over the building space for construction to start. Assuming the space is ready immediately, it will take one to two months to finalize architectural work, obtain building permits and to complete the construction. You could be open for business in as little as 6 months or up to 18 months.

How much time do I need to spend in my restaurant?

Quiznos requires that at least one franchisee, who owns at least 25% of their store; work on a full time basis in each owned store. Quiznos does allow you to hire a certified manager to oversee daily operations in your restaurant. However, every managing owner is required to go through training.

What’s the average number of employees working at my restaurant?

You will have between three and six employees working at any one time. You might have 15 total employees on your payroll if you use part-time employees to work different shifts.

Where do I buy my supplies, such as food and paper?

You are required to use approved and/or designated vendors, which may be us or our affiliates, to distribute goods in your region. They provide you with an order guide, and also provide you with convenient online tools to help estimate how much of each item you will need to buy. See the Franchise Disclosure Document for more information.

Is there someone to guide me through the entire process?

Absolutely! Your Franchise Development Manager will be your main point of contact to guide you through the entire process, ensuring all items are properly set-up for you to run your restaurant. Other departments within the Quiznos organization including operations, training, legal, marketing and design and construction will also assist you along the way.

Once I buy a Quiznos franchise, how do I learn how to run my restaurant?

Whether you have previous restaurant, business or management experience, Quiznos offers you a comprehensive series of courses. Upon the execution of a franchise agreement with Quiznos, you will begin with a self-paced online class learning about our “only at Quiznos” recipes which typically can be completed in about 30 hours. Next, you will train in an operating restaurant typically located within your region for three weeks with an approved Franchise Owner as your expert instructor. This offers invaluable hands-on practice for all aspects of running your own Quiznos franchise. You conclude your initial education with one week at Quiznos University in the Denver area where you focus on how to operate your restaurant. Our coursework is designed to teach you everything you need to know to run your Quiznos. You continue to improve your skills after your restaurant opens through our ‘teach and coach’ method of operations review and through our online continuing education courses.

How many people may attend training?

Up to three people may attend the training leading up to opening your restaurant, and we require that one person who is a 25% owner on the franchise agreement, the Managing owner, must attend the training.

What grand opening support do I receive?

In addition to having a dedicated Quiznos operations expert in your restaurant through your grand opening, Quiznos marketing department and your local Franchise Business Consultant will work with you to customize a marketing campaign specific to your restaurant location. We have partnered with a local marketing print agency who has made online ordering of your marketing materials easy.  Because each store location is different we, at Quiznos, want to allow the franchise owner to make certain choices on the marketing of their own restaurant.

What support do I receive once the restaurant is open?

Support comes in many forms including in-restaurant product training, coaching on marketing techniques, and regional meetings. At the Quiznos Franchise Support Center, we also have a phone-in help line to assist you with your questions between the hours of 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, and after-hours emergency assistance 24/7.

Can I use my own architect or construction company?

Yes, with some exceptions. Before we can approve your architect or construction company we must have a fully signed and executed franchise agreement, as well as a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement from your proposed architect or general contractor. They will be required to follow the Quiznos spec to ensure our store design stays consistent.

I have a partner who wants to help operate my stores, do you need two applications?

Yes, Quiznos requires each potential owner to complete their own individual application and be disclosed with our current form of FDD. Each owner/partner must qualify to be an owner within our Quiznos system.

What is your delivery package?

Delivery is a great way to bring delicious Quiznos food to your customer and directly build your business.  To participate you must sign a delivery addendum to your franchise agreement. Our online marketing company offers print materials and other delivery marketing items for purchase so you may promote delivery at your restaurant.

Do you have financial questions?

What’s my initial investment?

Many of the Estimated Initial Investment amounts stated in the Item 7 charts have been revised to reflect current obligations. As a result of these individual item changes, the revised total Estimated Initial Investment ranges are as follows:

• Traditional $202,448 to $250,084
• Non-Traditional $91,510 to $229,885
• Convenience $96,332 to $219,885
• Reopen $57,247 to $138,405

Does Quiznos help with financing?

We do not currently offer financing opportunities. We encourage you to start at your local bank branch to secure a small business loan, if needed.

What’s your franchise fee?

In the US, the initial franchise fee for the purchase of a Traditional location is currently $10,000. If you are interested in a Convenience or Non-Traditional location the Initial Franchise Fee is currently $5,000.

What is the franchise fee if I’m a veteran?

Quiznos is a current member of the IFA VetFran Program which assists our honorably discharged Veterans in owning their own businesses. Under the program, the entire Initial Franchise Fee for the purchase of a Traditional Restaurant or the then current transfer fee will be waived for veterans meeting the requirements of the VetFran Program. To learn more visit our Veteran’s Page.

How much do I pay in royalties?

Your royalties are 5% of gross sales. Royalties will be electronically transferred from the franchise owner’s bank account on a weekly basis. Please see the Franchise Disclosure Document for more information.

What percentage do I pay for advertising and what does that money cover?

Currently, Quiznos collects 2% of your gross sales towards the Marketing and Promotion Fee. These funds are used to purchase national, regional, local and online advertising; fund market research and other activities designed to increase sales. Please review our Franchise Disclosure Document for more details.

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