Through our 30+ year history Quiznos’s has made quality Chef-Inspired food in our quick serve restaurants.  We carefully select our meats and chesses to craft our signature quality sandwiches like the black angus, mesquite chicken or broccoli and cheese soup.  Quiznos believes in quality, it’s the reason we created our sandwiches to be toasted, with Chef-Inspired ingredients that sizzle with flavor. We believe what’s inside counts, both in the food and within our franchise owners.

As a small business person or experienced franchisee we understand that you’re always looking for new investing opportunities.  Now is a great time to choose Quiznos!  With low investment costs and great incentive plans for qualified buyers, it’s possible to have your restaurant up and running within as little as six months.

Quiznos franchise owners have a great opportunity to be part of their customer’s day and we understand how important that is.  That is why all Quiznos franchise owners complete our corporate training program called Quiznos University.  This training helps equip you with the skills and knowledge to run your business.  Franchisee Business Consultants are always on the ground, in each region, to help you make your restaurant a success.

If we had to sum it up into four great reasons, national brand recognition, chef-inspired food, low investment entry point, and great financial incentive programs.  Now is a great time to join the Q!  Let’s go!



  • Entrepreneur

    take ownership of your restaurant, stand by your results and learn from your successes and failures

  • Leadership

    excel within your community, guide your restaurant and team members

  • Experience

    use your previous restaurant knowledge to succeed with your future business growth

  • Diligence

    every day give maximum effort and proactively respond to change for your restaurant to succeed

  • Quality

    provide a restaurant experience to the customer with great tasting food in an inviting environment

We also look for…


  • Do you know where you’d like to locate your Quiznos?


  • Do you have restaurant management experience?
  • Are you active in your community events?
  • Have you managed others before?


  • Willingness to learn our system.
  • Passion to succeed.
  • Looking to commit and grow with us.


  • Liquid assets to invest in your store.
  • Desire to own multiple stores.
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